There have been numerous things with this worker that have alarmed me. For starters the fact that she can bring out 8 officers and a second social worker last January aledging drug involvement child endangerment. 100%false yet never enter the feeling or change ack on food beds or physical state of my 6 minor children. She sent a letter 7 weeks later closing a unsubstantiated medical negligence for one child missing glasses which she was not missing at the time of report. She has continued to abuse her power and bulky her way to what she wants. She made several alleged lies about me like i had over 20 reports to ford county courts and then has removed my children for dv that they were not even home for. How is this possible. I have proof those reports were on father when I wasn’t in home. I have no substantiated reports and the kids were not home when I kicked my boyfriend of less than 3 months out because of his abuse and new drug use. The main reason we separated¬†

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