Tayna Martinez

I am report DEPARTMENT OF CHILD SERVICES AND SOCIAL WORKER AND THEIR SUPERVISORS FOR KIDNAPPING MY CHILDREN FOR THEIR OWN FINANCIAL GAIN. I have had my son first taken out of father’s home for beating my son and blaming me while there was parenting court order plan involved and never brought him to me left my other two girls with him and myself picking them up and calling police for parental kidnap and parental interference and being laugh at then the following day at CPS meeting tayna Martinez (social worker ) and her supervisor Valorie Adams (supervisor) of Richland,Wa threaten me to give up my girls or i will have all 3 of my taken away while forgery my name on all VPA paperwork (volunteer place agreement) then crossed out my name and put my ex-husband name over mine as him as the primary custodian, not to mention there in room was RPD Detective Jansen who also threaten to give me jail time if ii didn’t give up my girls and got them anyway and violated my kids civil rights and amendments same as mine and will be filing CIVIL AND FEDERAL LAW SUIT by holding those accountable for the damages and tramatize damages they done to my 3children and myself and suing as well my ex-husband

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