Stephanie Rodriguez

This social worker took my daughter from the hospital when she was 1 month old. Four days before she took her, without my knowledge or my childs fathers knowledge, she met my family and entered our home and ensured us that as long as family members were involved my daughter would not be removed from the hospital and she would be able to come home (for the first time since birth) . As a new parent i knew zero about cps and felt uneasy about admitting to their lies by signing a “safety plan” that would state i was admitting to their allegations to be true and that i was dangerous to my newborn daughter. I simply asked, “if i sign this plan am i admitting to what youre accusing me of?” And she said yes. Before i could respond she ripped up the safety plan and said “we can write this up anytime” and not to stress about it. She met my family and saw the home she would be coming home to and agreed that my daughters aunt and grandma living with us in the household would ensure her safety as well and led us to believe my daughter would not be romved from the hospital when she was discharged. 4 days later i arrived at the hospital to see my daughter as i did everyday (she was in the NICU) and i was told she was no longer there at the hospital and removed from the  NICU entrance. I called this social worker 8 times before she finally called me back an hour after i was told my daughter was just no longer in the NICU, and she told me in 2 days i needed to show up to court and the judge would decide if my daughter needed to be placed in the states care, and i would at that time be assigned a lawyer. Besides the fact that my daughter was removed without my knowledge whatsoever from the hospital she was born in, that very hosptial had expressed to the social worker and myself that they were willing to keep my daughter even if she was ready to be discharged, in order to ensure she was placed with family and not into the foster care system. I was very close with all the nurses at this hospital as I was there on a daily basis and sometimes slept overnight while my daughter grew to a solid weight. She was born 8 weeks premature and 3 pounds 16 ounces. The worker ignored this completely, lied to me and my family, then took my daughter without my knowledge from the hospital and all of this occured before a judge even heard the case. My daughter was taken july 25th 2017 and to this day has never been home from the hospital. About a week later she contcted me to tell me she had to speak to my daughters fathers other child who was not in His care during any of this time and explained that she was not allowed to reveal anything about the case to the child or the childs mother, as my daughter and i have rights to privacy and told me word for word “i legally cannot speak about you or your daughter or why/what has gotten cps involved in your lives” but that she had to interview the child to make sure she was not exposed to any harm or danger (even though the childs parents and a court oder proved dad did not have custody of this child during the time we were allegedly considered unfit or harmful). She literally did exactly what she said she was not allowed to do, and told my daughters fathers ex, mom of the other child, that my daughter was born pos tox and i tested positive for methamphetamines. This resulted in my daughters father losing custody of his other daughter and the mother spreading rumors and telling everyone we know that we were drug addicts and lost our child to cps and even caused my boyfriend (dad) to lose his job because she immediately contacted andntold his boss. Our privacy rights were thrown out the window and the mother even attempted to go to court to petition for the release of the case file and stated in court to the judge that the social worker told her everything and even showed her records from the hospital which is 100% illegal and violating hippaa laws. As far as privacy and medical information goes, she completely exposed it to a stranger who doesnt even know me or my daughter and has tried ruining our lives ever since she was awarded this info by the social worker. On top of medical kidnapping without any court order or anything she basically went around sharing my private medical business and my daughters as well with whoever she felt like sharing it with. She is no longer our social worker but when she does see us she makes threats and says nasty things to us (we have witnesses for all of this). I want stephanie rodriguez to pay for her actions and all the damage she has caused!!!

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