Shirley fulks. Susan Rogers Michelle stekter and penny lane

I was granted custody of my son on Jan 21st. 2016 by judge cindee Mayfeild. An hour later Sw sf  called me wanting me to bring my son to the local cps office. I refused her invitation. I had just received custody after my ex wife died and judge Mayfeild granted her live in boyfriend temporary custody for 30 days. I was at the school with his old guardian, self, wife ,and counselor when sw MS and SF tried detaining my son. I took him and hired my lawyer. On Jan 23 sw  SR and SF had me show judge Mayfeild a signed safety plan for my son. The judge listened to a local attorney who is my ex girlfriend and also helped sign my son up for a wrongful death suit, told the judge my son wanted protection. And gave guardianship to her live in boyfriend of 7 months. I went back and yelled at sw SF after her wanting me to attend ex’s funeral and current wife not to attend which in return pissed her off and they took my kid. Also a social worker named Tim turner was demoted for not taking my son on February 23rd 2017

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