Sheree Gomes

It won’t let me download the image to show a copy of the “summons” illegally due process to take my 5 week old daughter from my home.  It was done without court order, when previous social worker from the hospital was sending me a letter of no further interest, then lied in reports that I had a drug problem, and they called back wanting to know my clinicians name for drug rehabilitation which I was never in nor did I ever have a drug problem and history of medical states such. Then the original CIP from the hospital calls and apologizes to me assuming such in the reports he gave to dcyf initially from the hospital about that I supposedly had a drug problem when I called him out on it stating that I had only said that I had a few counseling sessions from a divorce previously a few years ago unassociated he apologized to me for such a sump Shannon and told me to expect a letter of closure to a program which I never had been in. Then a week later I have a new lady social worker who tells me that she’s by worker on my case and that she was at my door demanding to see me and my daughter for our safety but I never had a case open with them never had a drug problem and never had expectation to hear from them. I told her that I didn’t feel comfortable giving her or her agents any further information because they lied and twisted everything that I told them around and if they wanted any further info to summons me into court and hung up. 10 minutes later her supervisor calls me back that they see the child which I told them I was not currently home and wouldn’t be for a little while because I was running errands and I wasn’t going to give them any further information for the same reason because they twist everything. I hung up on her. I get home a few hours later take a nap with my child from our long day in p-town and the police are at my door with two social workers holding a paper through the people saying they have a legal summons they need to come take my daughter now so I cracked the door the police officer stuck his foot in the door so I could not close it when I looked at the paper telling them that was not legal that had another child’s name on it it did not have my name on it. They got in the door I told her they were violated by Right Said by child’s rights they could not do this that use police forced to do it and threatened me to take me under arrest if I resisted I insisted they were violating my rights the whole time I told them they didn’t have a warrant to search my home they still took my child she’s been gone two and a half weeks now. The social workers to RI her name is Sheree Gomes, and true supervisor Elizabeth have consistently lied they took my daughter on the 12th of January and they state that they didn’t take her until the 19th in records after the court date. they tried to make me not be able to make it to the court date because in the illegal summons that they provided at the door when they took her is stated m + f for 1/18 of 18.  these social workers need to be exposed for their inequities and their constant violations 2 the people’s rights and the children’s rights and the right to be parents they need to learn the Constitution and the Civil Rights and abide by them if they are to work for our communities in a fair and just way otherwise they are just part of the oppressors and those that they hurt. I am attempting to do all that I can to expose the system and get my daughter back home as soon as possible. I am not a drug addict I do not neglect my daughter she has proper care and guardianship with her parents who love her very much and these people cannot stop God’s love. I hope that I can expose Sheree on ethical job procedures and help the truth to be seen for all. my heart hurts everyday that I miss her and this is more traumatizing to our family than anything ever for them to have taken or the way they did when we never neglected her. the police are no better as we cannot go to them for justice it says if they did not even look at the paper before they set out to serve it when it had another juvenile’s name and the investigation done by dcyf was not done properly or with care or do you process and the condition of my daughter in their care since she has been with them has deteriorated in just two weeks where she has rashes on her from head to toe I am doing all I can to make this be known. Thank you!

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