Sarah Dudley Bowler

Dcf van wart center has made numerous false accusations against my family! They lied and connived until they adopted out our first daughter Isis Malave whom was only two weeks old when taken from our custody! We have everything to win and they still pushed an adoption and stole our daughter Isis Rayne Malave from the entire family! They sold our daughter Isis to a family in Westfield Massachusetts names  Meghan Burch and her husband and their daughter Libby ! I tried to appeal the courts from this decision since the entire book they had of reason were all full of miss information and just complete lies as well as 32 family and friends who have children of their own and are very capable and willing to have custody not dcf and dcf lies stating none of the family wanted her! Even my appeal was ignored and made to be kept as adoption! We have all the evidence to prove what I say between paperwork videos and photos then just the many many witnesses who applied for custody as well as were fighting to help me win since I deserved my children! They used my prescription medications to open a case and steal my child to begin with yet again I will state my medications from a doctor to keep me stable and healthy are now a way for dcf to steal children all over the world! I am looking for any way to start making the government have to make the changes in this disgusting child trafficking company! Please if I can do anything here to help start a petition or anything to help create or insight change!

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