Sarah Bolton

over the past 3 years every time i was forced to call cps sarah bolton was the one to do a check up .. my son was covered in black and blue marks on the 16 of june 2017 we went to the beach for a week. his mom was too upon picking him up i was told a basketball hoop fell on him. after almost a week at the beach the marks were still there…on the way home from the beach kadyn knowing he was goin home to mom began telling me stories of abuse. more and more. he only and i only took him cus he was so excited to start football. i took him to the police station first they photographed him THEN he went to football practice….IT WAS A NO CONTACT PRACTICE THE FIRST WEEK ALWAYS IS….she saw kadyn after practice that night and claimed they were from practice completely ignoring the police report earlier that day???? upon many many others…..feel free to youtube kurtis stover you will see our pleads for help … which im sure by now are being beaten out of my son! her dad is a cumberland county youth probation worker claims he was sexually abused as a child made advances to women at work and got them fired….BEAT his daugbt my sons mom who has been hospitalized for killing herself dated a convicted murderer dustin weigle….dates the local cocaine dealer now, moved my son to his trailer without the proper paperwork….kidnapped him under pa code i haven’t seen or heard from him since the day before Christmas eve we have a court order stating i get my every other weekend and at least two phone calls a week havent at all iv paid for him to have his own cell phone the past couple years….their forcing my son to tey and be scared of me by keeping him away and making haneous lies up that have no merit whatsoever i have tangible proof of every claim she has had my son call six different men daddy in his 10 year life!!!! 717 727 4939 terry clark and sarah boltons supervisor

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