Roshundra Brown

She is now the 3rd on my case and spwnt the past 10 ish months lying, falsifying documents, lying under oath. She claims I hit her!! Wowwww if I did believe me she would know it, also the nutbag claimed in court under oath I was arrested at a parenting class, a class which I has NEVER attended! I am disabled on chemo and oxygen and they REFUSE to accomodate me and my illnesses. I have text message proof of ger saying this but the worthless refree has done NOTHING byt go along with this crap…. Then she still has done NOTHING so to cover her fat ass this last hearing she says oh well she hit me and was arrested.. Lmao i have never been arrested.. I’ve never even had a traffic ticket!! I provided police clearance after her first claim and the court records STILL say it is true. This goes on and on… This has been over a year of pure hell. I actually pray to just die and be done with it. 

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