Report Form

Welcome to our report form! You may report any type of offender here – GAL, Judge, Social Worker, etc. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter only the information requested into each label. For example, on the Name Line (1) enter only the name – then you can add details about the offender in the Report Information box. This helps streamline reports to make them easy to search for in the database. You may report any agency, department, or person who has involved themselves in CPS abuse, misuse of power, did not follow policy, or illegal acts. Use a separate report for each offender if you want to report multiple offenders.

Need some help filling out this form? Check out our example here to maximize searchability.


  • Enter the full name of the social worker, GAL, judge, department, etc of the offending party. If you have more than one party to report fill out separate reports on each offending party.
  • Enter the city or town where the offending party is located.
  • Select the state where the offending party is located
  • Enter your report information here. Describe which laws, polices, etc were broken and complaints you have against the offending party. You may also upload images which relate to your report. Example: photos of abuse while in CPS custody. We recommend considering blurring out faces for privacy.