raquel barron gomez

Dear; Whom ever it concers,

This is Raquel Gomez and I was wanting to report Raquel Barron Gomez for her false accusations about me and my son Joe Daniel Gomez . In the report it states that I Raquel Gomez said that my son Joe Daniel Gomez was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning and I never once had stated that. Also Raquel Barron Gomez says that I didn’t try and get my two sons Deondray Agular and Joe Daniel Gomez help and I had asked for help and she never did anything to help me. I have been asking for help from her and she never once tried to help me. When I had a case for Deondray Agular I did everything on my own I took him to juvy I had also never allowed my son Deondray to be with a 25 year old women I had reported so many times and my family did so many reports on them to. Amanda Zaragoza had taken my child and has did threats to me and my family. I have reprted so many times for her .. I would like for someone to actually help me because of your alls worker Raquel Barron Gomez my kids are taken away all I have asked is for a little help please. This hurts to write all of this knowing the false accusations that where put against me and I have witnesses that have heard me beg for help for my two sons and for the workers to help me but no one helped please if you can feel free to call my sister n law Andrea Provencio she is aware of everything that is going on and she has filled reports on the older female also. Her number is (956)929-9365  she can answer any questions you all have . Thank you and have a great day!

Sincerely; Raquel Gomez

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