Oswego County DSS/CPS

  • I have had my 4th and 14th amendment Rights grossly violated over 11 years. My children were taken from me in 2008 and placed with a domestic violence offender. I was forced to stay away from my 4 children at the time for 8 years. After I reported my ex husband which was my husband at the time was abusing me in front of my kids. I have had my reputation and character defamed and slander even til this very day. All reports were false allegations. All reports are unfounded even to this day. I have been harrassed by cps, threatened to take away 3 children back in 2015 after the sexual abuse was reported on my three kids while they lived under their Father/ grandmother, Brian Champney and Sharon Champney. Tonya Zimmerman and James Bartozek threatened me in the Fulton CAC after interviewing my 3 children. They threatened to remove them after saying to me previously. Thaty children were safe with me and my fiance. In 2014 my daughter reported sexual abuse after coming to live with me. Oswego County sheriff took a report and they did nothing. Then after I moved to central square NY. Oswego County Dss forced their way into my apartment with Tonya Zimmerman and James Bartozek. They lied and said,  the family of Brian Champney was being investigated but they are not on report.  Paul LaBarge was another cps investagating the case. My 3 children constantly think they are going to foster care. No one was charged for my children S sexual abuse,  and they were drugged and did not get medical care for 3 years while in custody of father while Oswego county investagated him. Oswego Dss  did nothing. I am looking to have a lawsuit against CPS in my state. I and my children have suffered emotional and mental distress,  threats, harassment,  ptsd,  pain and suffering, our civil rights have been violated as well. 

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