Niema Harvey MDHHS

My name is Jonneshia Doss of Detroit, Michigan. I am a mother of five children that are currently being held hostage by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. My children have not been abused by or neglected by me or my husband according to the children’s words, my CPS record and the worker who interviewed them, Erin Wilson CPS. 
Niema Harvey CPS showed up at my door in September on the 7th of 2016. She saw my children through the door by name. I did not allow her in my home but I gave her an explanation to the allegations. She continued to stalk my home, called the police to my home repeatedly without any  evidence of abuse or neglect and without a court order each time.
She parked down the street and took pictures of my visitors and put them in the computer to run their background. With everything she had done , she never could prove abuse or neglect.
She texted me on December the 5th in 2016 and told me court was that afternoon at 1:30 on that same day. So many known due process violations. 
 My children were subject to visits by the police saying they were called and I had to show them we were ok. Even when I did that, the worker still came here and called the police yet again, the day before Thanksgiving, November the 23rd 2016. I refused to show anyone anything because now I felt harassed. I still never received any paperwork showing that this was legal or that she had permission to do this. 
She even wrote a fraudulent petition with inaccurate information, an arrest record that had dismissals nor did they have anything to do with my children, withholding information from the court in order to make me look bad, lied repeatedly on record at court, and not considering the children’s best interests.
The petition was granted because the referee didn’t like my attitude and told me if I would have just cooperated with CPS I wouldn’t be having my children removed. To date my children have been in a 7 month “Emergency Placement” because CPS has “Serious Concerns” that I may abuse and neglect my children due to my past. According to MCWL 8:8-14 they were supposed to give them back. But not these people they have their own laws where parents are guilty until proven innocent.
I started my permanent custody trial in January on the 25th, 2017 yet I have never confronted the worker who started all this (Niema Harvey) nor the woman who interviewed our children(Erin Wilson) and said our children felt safe at home, ate every day, and bathed often. No marks or bruises were present on any of the children, and they were not forensically interviewed right away.
Niema Harvey went to numerous Referees in search of one who would grant her Emergency Removal order. And later requested a knock down door order. Her supervisor Nakpongi Reeder, the Section Manager Traci Lee Brown, the District Manager Adam Baker, all had knowledge of the inaccuracies and flat out wrong information but yet allowed it to be submitted to the court. My children have written letters and voiced their wants. Which is to be at home.
Since our children have been in care they have ran away, wandered off, assaulted people, had numerous outbursts, contact with the police/security and continue to have behavioral issues. The LGAL Mrs. Moss told me at the May 30th hearing that she had talked to the children more than once and they all said they wanted to come home. Jeremiah, our 8 year old son,  told her he was angry that he was removed. Now he is suffering numerous mental and behavioral issues.
And instead of the state accepting responsibility for getting it wrong his time, they separated our children placing them in foster homes behind our backs, ignored our emails, continued to stick to their lies, and watch our children suffer.
 They are guilty of Emotional Abuse, Mental Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Emotional Neglect, Threatened Harm,and causing PTSD. They couldn’t wait to contact the FOC and start running a tab for our children being in Emergency Placement. No reasonable efforts have been made since the petition was for Permanent Custody from the beginning.

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