Montgomery County Children Services

Monica Burton, Sherree Spence, Brian Focht, Adrianna Sutton caseworkers and supervisors at Montgomery County Children Services in Dayton Ohio unlawfully took my children. No warrant, no evidence, no due process. They have lied to me & about me. They have lied to my children & about my children. No one at Montgomery County Children Services even have a reason. They have not told me waht danger my children were in. Montgomery County Children Services refuse to help me reunite with my children. My children are 18, 16, & 10. My children since day one were separated from not only me but each other. My oldest has not seen his siblings since December 26, 2017. I did not have any contact with my 16 & 10 yr old and they had no contact with each other for 145 days for no reason but cruelty. Montgomery County Children Services have repeatedly put my children in danger. My children have been neglected & abused repeatedly. I have no idea what to do because no matter what I do they never intended on returning my children. Montgomery County Juvenile Court is not a court. They have allowed cps to neglect, abuse, & traffic my children. It hasn’t even been a year & they are trying to tpr me. I can prove all of this & much much more. 

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