Maureen Splaine DCF attorney

Maureen Splaine lies and lies in court, does not take information from workers makes up whatever story she wishes. Does not report the actual results of investigations. She is supporting a sexually abusive father, physically abussive father, standing in the way of criminal investigation, trying to protect a pedophile! Absolutely corrupt! Takes great pleasure in destroying good mothers and placing children with abusive fathers time and time again. DCF Worcester East does her dirty work. They lie in the courtroom and Judge Denise Meagher allows it time and time again. Civil rights violations of many persons and children. Smiles at the mothers and she destroys their lives. Makes claims herself that mothers have mental illness. Suspected of accepting bribes and pay offs.  They have not allowed me a trial or hearing where evidence can be presented and removed the kids from MY CUSTODY and placed them with their known abuser “father”.

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