Maria Vega DCFS

Maria Vega was the emergency worker who since day one harassed me made threats if i didnt agree with her she would take my daughter Oct 25 forced me too drug test I had been sick with a bad cold called a week later saying oh sorry but I might have to take your daughter positive drug test my mother who i lived with has guardianship of my 3 boys well Nov 3 2018 while I was hospitalized for health issues she showed up at my mom took my daughter forced me too never go home and stated if I made contact with any of my family she will have me arrested too stay away from everyone I had no were too go live to this day I stay with my aunt. Maria Vega placed my child with sister who is married too someone with drug histrory on his record let me state i have a clean record never. Been to jail the worker told me too let my daughter be detained or my boys will be taken from my mom now they tried too charge my mom for letting me live there I bern living there my hole life

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