Lynn abbey

Lynn has repeatedly reported false or uneateablised information even hearsay under rule 803 federal laws in family court.  She’s been found bias by the my Senate and state house committees but the ado fails  to  cite her for these. Lynn often discriminates against victims of abuse or in situations of high conflict custody matters involving the father abusing the children. She has even called , children liars to the judge,  aided in one parent getting coinciding and drug rehab without doing a fair and equal job at even speaking to the other parent. Refuses to do so in many cases. She is a gal that lawyers don’t want to deal with. And with her and her husband so well connected and judges whom have her on their friendly aide already having a bias she co to yes to out people in danger especially at the hands of abuse and drug addiction.  This woman calls negligent parenting disorganized parenting when harm has been caused to you g children.  She needs to resign or retire.

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