Lisa Gresham

Lisa Gresham social worker supervisor is the example of why so many children end up missing, hurt, abused in numerous ways including killed. Hearsay is not at all facts, and such an immature individual should not be playing gossiping games with people much less children. She harassed a friend of mine knowing my friend has suffered domestic violence by her ex husband. Lisa never interviewed my friend , and she wasn’t the social that originally was involved. Lisa claimed my friend wasn’t comply with them except there had been nothing set up to comply with. I don’t believe this lady can say the truth to save her life.

my friend’s son was removed from court with absolutely no evidence of anything he was not in danger with his mother although he did express about his father threatening to take custody. This cause the child to be afraid to leave home and not feel safe in school. I’m the mother was getting this checked by informing doctors. Lisa Gresham with Kansas DCF supervisor has always been clueless of what actually took place because she didn’t investigate a thing. 

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