Leslie Mohawk, Plumas county

We have all seen the reports of Douglas threatening to murder teenagers.
Threatening to hang one from a tree and stabbing another in the street.
Here is a video Douglas recorded where he tries brainwash Solai that her mother orchestrated the Text messages.
An unbelievable lie not even possible nor does it excuse Douglas from threatening to murder and beat up teen’s.
Solai is brought to tears with frustration as this man tries to manipulate her so that he won’t spend time in prison.

The formal legal definition of deprivation of custody or visitation under California Penal Code 278.5 is as follows:

Penal Code 278.5. took, enticed away, kept, withheld or concealed a child;
The child was under the age of eighteen (18); and
In doing so, you maliciously deprived a lawful custodian of his/her right to custody of the child, or deprived a person of a lawful right to visitation with the Child.

Please be my daughters heroes and save Plumas from this man.

Solai and Laila’s Mother,
Alicia Olivia Lapp.


i couldn’t attach my photos of the ¬†falsify documents please go to save Celi on Facebook Instagram or Twitter for these documents.

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