Kellie Rose

She removed my son august 1, 2014 over reports of abuse an neglect when they ask me to schedule a doc appointment for a full body x-ray I scheduled it arrived at his doctors office got the X-ray an it showed no broken bones they did a full body visual evaluation an didn’t see any cuts, bruises, or anything leading them to think I abused him, the neglect was because I was seen by others without my son on some days so they assumed he was left in my apartment, I sometimes had my mom or my landlord at the time take him cause I had a really bad case of depression, I had meds I was taking but they were making me sleepy an couldn’t sleep all time… Now that he is adopted I have not once got to see him or received any photos or phone calls from the lady that has him. I was told it was an open adoption but obviously it isn’t… I miss my son he is 7 yrs old will be 8 July 13th an I wanna be some where in his life as he does have a 7 week old baby sister that needs her big brother. ?????????

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