Karen McGriff

My complaint begins with Karen McGriff she threatened me in a court with my son Jimmy Jack saying that she was going to make sure that my daughter Rachel Ray of Crawford was going to be taken not only that because she sits there on the being a supervisor at the Carson City office I think she made sure that I did that eval she knew I had a low IQ so now I want to report the whole CPS office of Carson City if there is such a law me having a low IQ then I should have never done the case plan and been forced to do a case plan and I should have my daughter with me and I shouldn’t have to go and go back to court with the father and ask permission to take my child 300 miles away to be a nurse to my stepfather of course is going to be supervisors people around me to supervise me this is all wrong and I think that Carson City CPS office should be closed for what they’ve done to me they should be closed down and not be called on January 23rd on my joint custody thing this is ridiculous my so-called a point attorney advised me to go back to District Court and then I ask the father to do it out of the Court he says he wants permission and I did nothing wrong he is the one that did it he’s the one that messed up I have proof If I have no responsibilities to this child and let me go I am not a Slave I have health issues I love my daughter very much but my love is Never Enough then don’t call me when hit her father messes up again I was treating you unfairly in Family Court because of my low IQ and mental illness even though I did nothing wrong I’m sure and I swear that Kara McGriff knew that I had a little IQ of 75 because she said in those office on that board she got her way making me do a case plan tell me that my love’s not good enough this is wrong you give a child back to the guy who has the most domestic abuse record and you treat the disabled mom like she’s a criminal this is wrong something has got to change and I hope and I pray that you close down CPS before January 23rd 2018 and give me my daughter joint custody this is crazy and wrong I would never hurt my daughter in a million years yes I’m a poor decision on my son but now I’m aware of all that you are hate me hate a disabled Mom that’s loving your own child that is not right!

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