Julia lay

I have been paying olive link/ malakayah ltd large sums of money every other week for 10 contact sessions

In these they have been lying in the contact reports and with the final hearing taking place the 27th of Feb 2018 they have dug in and lied about what took place at the last contact session on the 16th of February 2018

Julia Lay has wrote contact notes that clearly are lies and I have proof they are lies because I have recordings of the matter.

Charlotte Asamani ( her boss ) has aswel made my life a misery and made me a nervous wreck when approaching contact withy child because they seem to be siding with the mother against me

Leaving negative things that the mother has said infront of my child but included that I once called mum lazy which I did in a joking way and then later apologised if I caused offence

Overall these lies could of had a massive negative affect on me if I did not have the recordings because the judge would no doubt believe the olive link over me

For this reason I will take it all the way exposing these people

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