2 thoughts on “Judith Foster CPS Adoption specialist”

  1. Drinking while shooting a firearm this is s felony. She filed paperwork the day of court knowingly the judge would not have time to look at.people signed this filing saying that the foster people had 2 abusers they have a open Cps open case against them in Travis county

    1. The abusers are living with the foster family also 7 other children in a trailer. Casa worker, DA , attorney ad litem did not mention this very important piece of information. The best interests of (6 yrs) child is not being taken seriously. Judith caseworker filed a motion for adoption hearing without our knowledge a few minutes after ours was adjourned, we have not seen our little sister in 2 yrs. Lied to the court saying we did not show up for a drug test when in fact we did, nurse said they do not do those kind of drug test there. Called Judith sent us to another location. We were told there was no report on file to take a drug test. We traveled took off work to do whatever it took to have her home wit us. She told the DA we never showed up to take the test to make it look like we have something to hide.

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