Judge Bowers

My brothers kids were put in foster home after the mother broke my 3mo old nephews ribs. He was incarcerated when it happened for chikd support on 2 of bis other kids. We bonded him out he went tl DCS passed DT, hair folical, parent classes and done his visits eith family therpist, went to all appointments and passed home study. Foster parents wanted to keep them and was lying, stalking, sabatoged case &not working toward reunification so DCS shut home down, placed them with mom who had to become foster parent, and removed them from case. They go file for custody and Judge Bowers allowed it. Commisioner got involved We was advised by attorney if mom didnt agree to take visits that judge mind was made up we wouldnt see them again after they had been home fir 7mo. So they exited custody that day to them having full legal custody and now filed to TPR. How??? 

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