Jarod Coon

Showed up said me amd my girls needed ro have my mother come and take us to her house and if we didnt comply things would be way worse! Said my boyfriend who did not reside at the home we own was the reason we had to leave but he stayed at our home?! I agreed he said to have my mom bring us to the shawnee dhs office so i coukd take the U.A. I asked to take on our way to her house and after loading up wjat we could in her challenger we went uo and he met us in the lobby said he just needed to see us together and he would be in contact for me to call if i needed anything. I never heard from him again finally reaching his supervisor gave some lame excuse i never heard from her either! Our dogs were murdered our house vandalized robbed barn burnt down vehicles stolen amd never once allowed to report anything to the incompitent officers this was in jan of 2015 my kids and i have no home their daddy passed in 2005 and everything of his was burnt or stole this has been such a violation of who we are and the entire system failed us one case worker said we had been swept under the rug and she would help never spoke to her again the judge was also part if it ive got supervised visits im afraid to stand up because no one wants to see the truth it uncovers so many higher ups flaws it all started with Jarod Coon making us believe he was going to help if we just let him help we had to trust him lol what a joke im thankful to be alive and grateful for the experience god has a plan and we will stand by whats right to call out their wrongs truth will set us free! This has been a struggle and we will survive it this picture was taken lastnight 5/5/18 its unreal how little help we have even our own family wont listen to the truth we wont stop until there are actual rules changed so other families dont get swept under the rug maybe it will help lower the amount of deaths our state has due to domestic violence and kids in the system set up to protect us!! 

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