Heather Steelehill

This trash took my child away from me. I called adult services for help, I am disabled on oxygen and chemo, lupus, very sick. My husband is neglectful and abusive. Well instead of sending me help they sent CPS and this women wrote everything I said about my husband and turned it into me talking about my kid. She ne er ever provided any services to us. I got a call 2 months after they took the kid from a home eval lady and she never showed up. I have had several horrific lies said and things done to me over a year now I have had NO contact w my kid. Another worker took my visits away and did nothing for 9 months and she was actually terminated and they STILL never helped me. The next worker is a racist psychopath and in almost a year has done NOTHING but falsify reports and lie under oath. I am so so so so desperate for help. I could die any day and never see my kid agaon, whom I adopted… So I can adopt a child I was obviously well observed for that but this, this mess is unreal and insane and noone will help me.

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