Heather Lynn Mayinez

This social worker fabricates cases to win them under false pretenses and she commits pergurgdy and she is perverted when she does her visits and she makes up stuff to get emergency orders to remove kids from there homes and puts them in foster homes that the dad has drug felonies and she sleeps with the cps attorneys behind closed doors to get her way and she has help falsifying reports if its a simple lice case turns into a criminal case with schools and etc to help her she needs fried and she owes families apologies for destroying families please help

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  1. Heather mayinez a.k.a. Heather. Lynn Naynez the reason they hired her at the wayne dhhr office to be a cps worker is she is heartless and cruel she don’t care who she hurts where she has a heart cold as ice i have known her since sept 2015 when she destroyed my life and my family’s life and she will do anything to get the attorneys to side with her she will lie cheat and steal this cps worker needs fired and not be able to work in any field that works with family and kids the truth about heather lynn mayinez a.k.a. Heather lynn Naynez

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