Grays Harbor CPS

These social workers are returning children to parants who do not need to be around their children for safty matters but will not take the time to look over proof of great parents and return children to the parents who deserve their children. I myself have seen and heard countless families fight and prove their innocence and still get denied. I myself is one of them who is fighting tooth and nail to show what i know and what i learned. If there is a way for me to prove the cps system here is pulling the wrong strings, id like to know how i can go about that

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  1. The reason for that is more simple than you might think. They make money off of every child they take and every family in the system. Rather than putting in the work on “difficult” cases it is much easier and more lucrative to catastrophize and draw out “easy” cases. Especially if you are in a county with lower population in which the department needs the funding more.

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