Families Helping Families


The FHF Fund is currently closed.

Our waitlist is also closed at this time.

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The Families Helping Families fund was established to help parents when they need it the most. As a general rule, the first court hearing is the most important. It sets the tone for the entire court process and is the deciding factor as to whether or not CPS gets to kidnap your children and place them into foster care, or if they remain home with their family or relatives. Having an attorney for this first appearance is vital. This is the goal of the Families Helping Families fund. The Families Helping Families fund helps parents and grandparents get paid representation for that first hearing event. The funds are available on a limited basis and are completely supplied by donations. Your donation to this fund today can make the difference in real lives tomorrow. You can donate as little as one dollar or as much as you would like.

RASW.org is a non-profit organization. We do not seek to profit from our activities. 2% of each donation goes to keeping this website running. Once the threshold to fund a family is met, a family will be selected based on need. Statistical data and accounting of the fund will be publically posted quarterly and annually.

If you would like to request funding please fill out the form below to be placed on the waitlist. To be considered for funding families must be site members and have an active court case or in the very beginning stages of one. You may be required to show documentation in order to receive funds.


  • FHF Fund Application

  • Describe your case, status, and how funding could help your family.


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