Emily Welsch Walker

She would not honor my custody order from Texas.  She endangered my Grandson taking him to his drug using Father”s house who had just met him after 6 1/2 years and Father had threatened 5 times to “beat the f#$@ out of child if he did something bad on visit

 Emily Walker stood us up repeatedly, never informed me of court dates, drove with my Grandson while texting 4 inch long texts. She had a prescription bottle at my Grandsons feet in her State car twice in one day. She continually threatened to terminate Mother’s rights and bullied all of us. She lied, broke protocol, was acting like she was on drugs. She would change her story daily and said inappropriate things regarding my Grandson. Her attraction to him was alarming.  She called me in a panic several times warning me to call the police because he was out of his mind, on drugs and thought my Grandson and I were in danger.  She brought my Grandson home late Everytime and never stuck to agreed plan. Two times she brought my Grandson home he was dopey.  He insisted on showering the minute he came home.  He is only 6.  I believe she drugged Grandson and something happened. Especially after seeing prescription bottle on the floor beneath my Grandson booster seat on floor. She became hostile after I reported her behavior. Her supervisor made excuses for all of it.

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