Derick Belise

CIP dcyf’s investigator for hospital at Women’s and Infants, violated HIPPA rights to both me and father, reported to dcyf in initial reports that I had a drug problem twisting it, fron the truth I had said I was only in counseling a few times a few years ago due to a divorce unnassociated, and no history of drug abuse.  He called me a few weeks later to apologize for wrongly assuming such in the report which started it all.  Then told me he was sending a letter they had no interest further, and then suddenly tells me I will havw a new Social Worker Sheree Gomes call soon.  He put the order in to have her removed, and Sheree enforced it.  See Sheree Gomes reports.  Derick falsified in his reports, settinf rhe dogs out, and violating HIPPA rifhts to do it.  Form wont download.  No due process, illegal kidnapping.  No court order.  

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