Department of Family and Children Services

To Whom It May Concern:

This department has egregiously carried out a personal attack against my family. I have uploaded documents that support my claim. The DRO they obtained was not even signed by a JUDGE!. Please explain how this lawless department can get away with this. Is there no judicial economy in the USA anymore? I would like this department investigated and I DO NOT want a pat answer that “oh they’ve done their job properly” because this is not so! Investigating a random phone call from a bully who bullied my daughter all year long at a school with documented phone calls, emails etc where we worked with the school to keep our daughter safe should NOT turn into a YEAR long battle to get my kids back.

I have cooperated with this department done all their classes and on December 17, 2017 their worker Krystal Mayfield said there were NO risks keeping them from coming home and a month later 1–22-18 they email us a case plan with MORE items to do. THIS DEPARTMENT IS ROGUE AND NEEDS ACCOUNTABILITY.

This should not have gone this far considering they did NOT have a warrant to enter my home. A federal lawsuit will commence once we win the appeal. 


Please help!!!




Lynette Beavers





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