Dariya Mowry

Dariya Mowry is extremely corrupt. There have been several complaints against her, including mine. She is known to lie to people about their cases and has lied in court. She absolutely does not care about the children or the families involved and is only interested in terminating rights and adopting children out to foster homes. She deliberatly moved my grandchildren to a receiving home when they were with a family member that a previous worker placed them with. I had to get the help of an attorney, the state legislator and the main supervisor to make her move them back with the family member. Her excuse for moving them was they moved in with a closer family member. This was a complete lie! A receiving home is certainly not closer family. The reason she really moved them was because I requested a visit with them and it was an inconvenience for her. She sent me an email telling me I had no rights. I found put later that this was indeed another lie and was told by her supervisor that I do have rights. Dariya Mowry should have been fired a long time ago. She should also be in jail for perjury. 

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