Danielle Jones

My daughter was having breathing issues took her to dr 13xs in 6months. At 22mo old she was sleep around 745am started raspy breathing like asthma attack i rushed her to ER.Of course asked questions one was any1 on prescriptions i said im on SUBOXONE he saus giver her Narcan (witch is already in Suboxone) i asked why he said just incase it won’t hurt her. Ok so get her stablized im met by detective& DCS investigator. I tell them anything didnt try lie or hide nothing. She says can your brother take your other 2 kids to office so my supervisor can see them. I said sure. My brother comes to hospital hysterical says,kept my girls. I ask her why whats going on she says let me find out sign this paper if ots ok for your mother in law to take the girls with her. So i did. She says let me go check on baby ill be back to explain and get a drug test. Ii sit  in a room over hour and hlf. Nurse says your family is looking for you. I said im waiting on that lady she informs me shes been gone for well over hour. 5 days later iv been hospital with baby she cones back says i forgot get drug test. I give her one and pass. Asks if i will do hair focal i agree.  She askes were my meds are i tell her in top of my closet. She goes to my house do home study. I ask why this is happening she says possible ingestion of my meds. I asked dr in front of her to do test. He says no test for Suboxone. I said shes getti g ready to test me cant you use her urine? He says not accurate. I said what about blood? He says nope no test for that. So im confused. My kids in “Narcan drip medicated coma” why?? Thats not how it works. we go to court 3weeks later. Papers state reason for removal: “possible drug ingestion”, didnt take DT day of incodent, and 24 pills short on meds. She never done a pill count. So my attorney addresses those issues to judge she says i just went by what she had in her purse. He said there has to be a paper signed by both parties the count was done and agreed amount. She says she didn’t text me because it was late and no there hadnt neen confirmation of drug ingestion. She lied to remove my kids with no proof of nothing. 6weeks later i finally got hair folical done on her to prove it they said its a process now. 

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