CPS worker came to my home when kids put in foster-care, she told us that we would get my grandson back just ake time because they were dealing with California  and Washington ,she went and told court a different story, during this time my daughter called numerous times all her calls were ignored, so with mine also,until February, 2018,I have been doing research ,found out they can’t take my sons rights away but they did any way, my sons court appointed lawyer did nothing ,they told my son he had to do treatment for drugs and do domestic violence classes which he paid for himself, he also works 6 days a week, not much time to do what they asked, then they took his right away on the 20th  of this month ,he completed what they said to do so he could get his son back ,then they told him he had  to do more , then took his rights away and now they are adopting my grandson out and his brother, this CPS  worker lied to us ,my son and his girlfriend never were married she got into drugs they took her rights away first ,doing research found out they  legally kidnapped my grandson, I feel this is over money . Then they gave Dominic and his brother to another CPS worker to the case. 

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