March for Reform Begins Soon..


Real Change Requires Total Reform

On July 21st RASW is hosting a protest march in Boston Massachusetts to demand DCF and Family Court Reform. 

For decades now we have watched families being torn apart, parents alienated, grandparents forced out of their roles, children abused and murdered in foster care, courts operating in secret and rarely upholding the law, and more. 

The answer from our government has always been the same - lets throw money at it and that will "fix" it. However we know that simply does not work.

Its time for real change. Its time to stop complaining on social media hopeful it will spark outrage. Its time to get our into the public and show them they are not safe. Its time to actually do something for our cause. Its time to stop letting families be reduced to nothing and children dying needlessly. 

Join us in our mission to do just that July 21st in Boston. We want to welcome people from across the country in protest. 

RASW is proudly hosting this protest event. We welcome other groups to issue their official support as well. All official supporters will get their logos placed onto our banners and t-shirts making this an excellent way to get the word out about your group as well as supporting our protest event. Contact us on Facebook to become a official supporting group. 

As of June 1st, the city of Boston has officially given us the green light to proceed. We hope to see you all there and look forward to meeting you!

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WHEN: Saturday, July 21st, 2018

WHEREMassachusetts DCF State Office 600 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111 (Get Directions)

TIME: 10AM – 2PM

DETAILS: On July 21st RASW will be leading the march to the DCF state office in protest of the corruption and illegal activities by the Department of Children and Families. This is just the first of many planned events which will be targeting CPS offices located all over the USA. We would like to not only invite people from all over the country to attend this event, we also want to make it affordable and simple. A meeting will be held prior to marching at 9AM where protesters can meet to go over our event schedule, purchase or create signage, and meet new allies and friends. We expect a high level of press for this event. Press releases will be sent out prior to the march. Please be aware there may be a large crowd and take steps to protect your personal belongings and safety within the city. 

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WHEN: Saturday, July 21st, 2018


TIME: 10AM – 2PM

DETAILS: Our members all over the USA will be joining us in protest. Satellite protests will be held at individual local CPS offices near you. If you wish to participate please contact group leaders per state. If you would like to be a group leader and help rally members in your area please submit your pledge today! Use the form below to communicate and pledge to become a group leader.


Why are we marching?

Our Demands: 

1.) Townhouse style open talks with Governor to talk about problems within the current system and solutions

2.) Public acknowledgment from Governor there is a problem with the current system

3.) Open court – transparency within family courts – no more secret CPS court

4.) Creation of a department which will immediately address crimes committed by CPS, abuse of power, and allegations of neglect or abuse within the foster care

5.) Total reform and implementation no later than 2020


What will happen at the march?

Our Schedule: 

1.) Protesters will gather at a location nearby at 9AM

2.) T-Shirts, Signs, and other items will be handed out and members are welcome to bring supplies to create signs. Please understand we will only have a limited number of shirts and posters, they will be first come first serve so arrive early if you wish to get one. 

3.) Protesters will march to the State Building beginning at 10AM

4.) Protesters will march around the common to the DCF State Office beginning at 11AM. This walk is roughly 20 minutes. If you cannot walk this distance you can elect to meet us at the DCF office instead of marching around the common.

5.) Protesters will occupy the location in front of the DCF Offices until 2PM passing out flyers, talking to people, and make be recorded by press – keep this in mind 

6.) There will be NO violence or vandalism – zero tolerance rule

7.) Attendees must use sidewalks and crossing zones as normal. Do NOT march in the street or block cars. Do NOT block pedestrian traffic. Be courteous and follow normal laws. 

8.) The city of Boston is aware of our event and has given us permission to march. However, any illegal activity will not be tolerated. If you are at any point unsure of something or need help look for group leaders within the march to help answer questions.

9.) We reconmend wearing comfortable attire and walking shoes or sneakers. Do not bring valuables with you into the city. If you will be using personal vehicles to enter the city consider parking at the Boston Common Garage and bring money to pay for this parking. We recommend bringing water or another beverage to drink and sunscreen. We also suggest not bringing children under age 8 however you are welcome to use your own discretion and children will be welcome. 

10.) While RASW does not expect any trouble with police we do want to remind attendees to be respectful and cooperative should you encounter police officers. BPD is aware of our event and may be present. 


Detailed Protest Route Information

Red markers indicate nearby transportation. We recommend using public transport if possible due to the high cost of parking. If you rather take your own vehicle there is paid parking underground at the Boston Common Garage.

Yellow markers indicate protest areas. Our initial meeting area is shown at “A” at Brewer Fountain. We will meet here beginning at 9AM. At 10AM we will march to location “B” which is directly in front of the State House Building. Then from 11AM-11:45AM we will march around the common. to the last protest location “C”, the DCF State Offices at 600 Washington Street

The Blue Dotted line shows the March from the State House to the DCF Offices. If you are unable to walk this route you can proceed directly to the DCF Offices location.

If you are taking the commuter rail into Boston the closest station is South Station.


Nearby Transportation Arriving to Protest

Park Street T-Stop

Downtown Crossing T-Stop




Brewer Fountain Meeting Area



State House Protest Area


March On Common



DCF State Offices Protest Area

Nearby Transportation Exiting Protest

Chinatown T-Stop