Catelyn Smith

I have had to deal with Catelyn Smith for a year now through DCF. Only twice have I seen her, though we have had five appointments for her to do investigations. One was the initial investigation in August 2017. The other was in the courtroom today. Yet out of only those two times she has claimed to see my house several times and observed open alcohol bottles strewn about in her petition to the judge. There are also more policies being broken as it states in DCF Code of Conduct 0815. I have never and would never harm my children. Nor was there evidence beyond reasonable doubt of abuse. Unfortunately there were blatant lies in the petition that witnesses and people who were interviewed can and will contest to. Yet she petition to have my parental rights taken away. I never believed that KS DCF was bad even through the stories I have heard, until today. This woman has caused more emotional distress in my family than I could ever possibly do.

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