Carter County DCS office

After my 22mo old daughter expirenced severe breathing problem that cause anoxia they sent her 300miles from home to rehab hospital were she was left alone for days at time. She was gobe days before i got to go see her. There was a “foster mom” supposed be there when i wasnt allowed. As result she would cry so they sedated her. I refusedcto sign for a,Medtronic baclofen pump to be put in her. FDA says not approved or recommened for kids under 4, must wait atleast a year after injury, to be used if no other spastic treatment work. They injected her with trial without me present and gave her too much so sge went into respitory arrest. I said no its not gping in they u can sign or we will and you wont see her because its medically nessisary. I said did any of you look into it she said we go by what professionals say. As a,result they took all her recovery from her, caused mire brain injury, sent her home on diffrent sedatating meds in veg state. In order get it go fit were she was so littke the force fed her thru gtube til she vomited. I had enuf. She was supposed come home to me cuz the hsir folical showed no drug ingestion. Instead went to 2 diffrent foster homes. I tokd them i had enuf tbey were killing my baby i called another attorney who threated lawsuit. Took me 9mo to get her home other 2 come home after 2mo. They violated my right as a parent for medical issues, lied to remove, medically neglected my baby and violated her right to have her larents with her while in hoslital. 

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