Carter County DCS

DCS got involved &removed based on allegations of “possible drug ingestion”. Refused to do urine or blood drug test so i had hair folical done. By this time she was 300miles away in rehab. They wated to put a baclofen pump in my 22mo old baby. I looked into it not FDA approved fir kids under 4, wait atkeast 1 year after injury, and must have body mass of certain anount. I saud NO they contacted Nurse at DCS said i was going agaist medically nessary procedures. They made me leave her alone 300miles from home foe meeting were i was told either i sign it or they would i would have no contact. Foster parents were supposed to be there when i wasnt. She was left for days alone and when they gave her a shot in spine of baclofen to see resulys of a pump, allowed her to go into respitory arrest, and didnt bother telling me the chaplin did. This is neglect! After i received the hair folical they had to be threatened by attorney to back off. The medical diagnosis was reactive airway dieases, asthma and severe obstructive sleep apnea not drug ingestion. As result if thier neglegence, failer to investigate, and assumptions my daughter has been harmed, my family traumatized and not even as much as sorry. I had pump removed because we live 300miles from hospital that can care for it so if it startex overdosing or underdosing both fatal we wouldnt make it in time to save her.. they need to stay out of parents medical descissions

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