This Department needs to be thoroughly investigated. Is it protocol to take two young children from there mother, over false accusations by the father. Place them with strangers and not let the one person who has taken care of them since birth know there whereabouts for weeks. A mother that was abused by the father for 20 years. Then punish her by taking away her children and then placing them with the abuser. A mother that had no criminal record. A father that has multiple domestic assaults against the mother,5 DWI,permanently disabled the mother for life. Now in the hands of the father. A mother that has not seen her 3 and 4 year old daughters in over 3 months. How does one person let alone the ENTIRE COUNTY get away with this?? A department that is supposed to be for reunification? But does everything in there power to absolutely tear family’s apart. Now a mother that hasn’t seen her children in over 3 months? If that’s not one of the worst forms of child abuse than I don’t know what is. Besides physically harming a child. Keeping them away from the mother who NEVER left there side. When a 2 year old wakes up in her sleep crying for her mother almost every night since they took her? And a 4 year old who sneaks to call her mother on the phone? HELP PLEASE EXPOSE CARLTON COUNTY.

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