Candice Osterman

All four of my babies were statenapped in MT. March 2016 and current today January 2018 With absolutely no charges against me no violations of any annotated codes under titles 41-3-102, 41-3-202, referenced from 45-9-101, which is mandatory laws for cps to follow by law agaimst me. No records of any type of direct harm done to my babies by me at all with the original case being against the father for physical abuse. I have been maliciously parentally alienated from my children, my kids were given medications against my knowing, all of my children are in their 5 to 6 placement in 8 months., there has been admittance under oath of parental alienation, my youngest boy was manipulated into falsifying testimonies and is in placement in a group home, my oldest was shipped off to Provo canyon Utah today, I have not talked to my oldest daughter but 3 times in 8 months and her foster placement refuses to follow legislative reunite programs, and my youngest daughter is in a group home which is not allowed to contact me. My oldest son has been physically abused under the state’s care to the point of self mutilation, my youngest boy now suffers from suicidal outburst from the mental anguish, my oldest daughter has anxiety disorder due to fear, my youngest daughter has suffered malnutrition as well all under thebstates care. While my kids abuser gets to call the shots and gets notified of everything happening with our children, I am told nothing at all until the day of things taking place. Not preparing me for anything. As you can see my babies are so happy with their mama. My kids have never needed medications or had behavioral issues until the state stepped into their lives. Today I was told by my lawyer that the state is using my O.D.D. against me to keep me from my kids. I have never been diagnosed with that, I have no records of having that, I’ve never been on medications for that, I have never saw a doctor for such things. So now not only has my family been Stalked, harassed, entrapped, abused mentally and physically and legally, we have all been misdiagnosed, profiled, the kids have been put on psychotropic drugs to keep them calm in the state’s care, and falsified and malicious testimonies…..hmm…when will it stop…take a stand and fight….be the voices for our babies….these babies are the reason I breathe and my heart beats everyday. I will never stop fighting for them at all. They are my life….

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