Well this is how it goes… My kids was always taken care of to max,  I was at work something happened at home my ex husband they said abused our daughter they didn’t like it because I wouldn’t say GE did well I can’t say something I never saw he was always watching them as I work. They wanted him away and he was they still wouldn’t let me have my kids… She was the social worker I had when I was 17 and in a group home ran off for while and she picked me up she already had sit judgment on me which was conflict of interest… They had nothing on me at all and refuse give my kids back I completed everything wasn’t good enough for them.. They said they was helping but was only hurting,  then had another daughter that had nothing do with that case she was born over year later they take her because my ex was husband at time told them I was gonna do something to her knowing they didn’t believe him about him not abusing our child they didn’t  have it on me but kept it going and gave my last daughter custody to her dad she has different dad. He was mad that I cheated had kid with someone and told lies and they know it was lies… So they gave  me choice sign rights up or get em taken.. Didn’t give me a chance.. And my last daughter should been with me.. They all should but  instead in foster adopted with someone whose got them brain washed against me.. Its a night made… My last baby dad won’t let me see my daughter its wrong to think way he  do.. Justice needs take place everywhere especially down  here they are taken kids but not given em back mine happened in 09 ended 11..  My life’s been nothing but wreck since I just want my kids back its been years don’t think it b same.. For them to take and split families for no reason its a damn  shame I’m one of the maddest ppl. God help these devils in disguise… Plzzzz justice b served its still not over….. 

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