Brooke Berger, Diane lamb , Eynon, dcpp local south

No warrant, no court order, no extringent circumstances, constitutional rights violations, denied due process on February 10 2017 a dcpp worker (Natalie Scardino) violated our fourth and fourteenth amendment by the unlawful removal of my two daughters age four and the second being three months old. This initiated by standing our ground in homeschooling. Our toddler wasn’t even old enough for preschool registration let alone a public kindergarten. After fully cooperating and providing furnished documentation from our pediatrician stating our daughter was a happy healthy toddler and on task for her age and clearly we were very adamant about continuing our homeschooling which is a constitutional and legal right to choose. By law and according to the constitution, you can homeschool your child up until age seven or second grade whichever comes first, whether it’s personal reasons, or  religious reasons regardless it is a matter of choice and freedom from governmental invasion to have a right in such a decision to do so. I asked for a warrant after providing urinalysis, hair follicles, substance abuse evaluation, psychological, clearances. They began to get irate and force a public kindergarten onto our family, I stood my ground and said that it was our fundamental right in choosing to homeschool as it is not a state mandated requirement for neither preschool nor kindergarten. Our daughter was on a second grade reading level and knew all of her numbers, shapes, colors, simple addition and simple subtraction, counted to one hundred and spoke in paraphrases with a vocabulary of well over 350+ words. 

No warrant, no court order, no extringent circumstances Natalie put our daughters in foster placements and Within less than three weeks of being in a foster home my daughters began sustaining horrific injuries. The first being a dog bite, infections, scraps, contusions, open wounds, and bruising up and down her spine and rug burns up her spine and on entire knee and leg area. Our infant had teir two diaper infections that we cracked and bleeding in the peri area for nearly ten out of the past twelve months. 

This agency hasn’t held a single team meeting, nor have they presented a written reunification plan for family preservation. There are nearly a dozen court orders that have been broken, laws policies and procedures within their own manual aren’t being adhered to, let alone federal regulations being followed. Our baby was taken out of state against court orders, our toddler and infant were separated as siblings against federal  regulations and was taken across county lines all the way up to Essex nearly three hours from home against court orders. The parental rights in iep were also blatantly against court orders and not approved to be transferred to any county other that here in laurel Springs.Our toddler was remanded to be returned to her county of origin as of August first, yet against court orders hasn’t been brought back here or moved locally to date. She passed an acessment for a regular local placement in October and dcpp gave it away after concealing the approval. I am now owed 36 1/2 hours of visitation time that’s been impeded upon that is also court ordered to be made up yet still hasn’t been as of current date. She was an hour late to visitation yet again today. Both girls have had Nearly a hundred horrific injuries sustained in foster settings!! Blacked eyes, pink eye, rhinovirus, insect bites, bruising up and down her shins from being kicked nearly fifty bruises covering her legs both sides, burned on multiple occasions, Teeth knocked out, choke marks on her neck and peticia around eye socket, broken capillaries on chest plate… 130 ounces of my breastmilk was thrown into a dumpster which was my infants primary source of nutrition, double vaccines, two flu shots and psychotropic medication given to a toddler without my consent. To no avail will any person in a supervisor position respond to my attempts to communicate with them in regards to positive progression in moving forward towards reunification of the preservation of our family. Our daughters were breastfed and thriving yet now are completely emaciated and distraught due to the trauma of being separated from us as parents then being ripped away from her sibling. She is completely shut down and her health has drastically deteriorated.  Things that are unconscionable have been said to me as a mother in front of my daughters and I’ve been badgered by their staff to the point  that my girls were in tears seeing the way we are treated through out the entire duration of this ordeal. They have been through multiple placements and the corruption and concealing of their actions must cease. Title nine was dismissed, yet they refuse to return our girls back home or Work with us toward our diligence in seeking a closure to this never ending matter. 

Hearings were skipped, hearings held without a stenographer. Expulsatory evidence is being withheld and this ordeal is based on hearsay alone from a vindictive family member that was banned from being able to call in any longer after we were just exonerated and deemed as fit parents recently which is also being withheld as expulsatory evidence to bring these girls back home months ago. They should have never been taken unlawfully to begin with without probable cause or imminent circumstances. There is NO accountability to the things they’re doing and they want to adopt my baby and have no regard to the tender age that my toddler is at a crucial stage of development and they are affecting an entire family to force a rushed secret adoption even at the expense of not admitting the grave mistake and miscarriage of justice that has transpired.  They aren’t returning the girls so someone can adopt a baby and just leave a toddler in suffering. The bonus incentives are what is creating a huge amount of corruption and not doing what’s just and fair. We are in desperate need of advocacy and exposure so this tragedy doesn’t continue to go concealed and effect the future of an entire family unit that is intact and deserve a chance for this agency to make right what they have done here. They refuse to get medical treatment for these injuries and continue in their crimes against humanity. PLEASE HELP OUR FAMILY, we desperately need justice and for our girls to be back home where they belong. They are truly loved and adored and are in suffering wanting to be back home where they are cherished and belong. 

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