Britney Curry

This social worker asked me to sign a safety plan allowing my children to stay with my mother until my house was adequately cleaned. Not knowing I had an option, I signed in order to be cooperative. My children were never in any harm or danger, they weren’t even home, they had been at their grandparents house for the previous few days. I asked several times that if the house was adequately cleaned the next day, then my children could come home then, and she assured me that yes, they can. I Was not left a copy of the safety plan she had me sign and when I requested a copy emailed to me, she had altered the safety plan after I had signed it so it read that my children could come home when the house was adequately cleaned and my psychological issues were under control. I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time due to the sudden and unexpected passing of my husband and I trusted them. She destroyed my family, with that one sentence that is so vague- and dealing with the loss of a spouse, your child’s father, it could be years before my psychological issues are acceptable to them. I should have never signed that paper. I have lost my husband, then my children and I believe she preyed on my vulnerability during that time as well.

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