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Who is RASW

RASW is a public database which parents, grandparents, and civilians can use to expose poor or illegal behavior by CPS involved entities. We are the voice of the people. We are not a governmental entity.

What is the Goal?

Our mission is simple, unite voices from across the USA, UK, and CA to make our complaints heard in a public forum, not hidden in secret courts, and demand reform. We believe reform is possible and everything we do is aimed at this goal.

why report?

When you report a person on RASW that information is added to our database and translated into a custom URL link. This link contains the name and location of the offender and then becomes searchable on all major search engines.


WHEN: Saturday, July 21st, 2018

WHERE: Boston DCF State Office


On July 21st RASW will be leading the march to the DCF state office in protest of the corruption and illegal activities by the Department of Children and Families. This is just the first in many planned events which will be targeting CPS offices located all over the USA. We would like to not only invite people from all over the country to attend this event, we also want to make if affordable and simple. Booking early will secure your low discounted rate, space is limited and there will be no discounts in person. We suggest getting a hotel room using the location sort option to minimize your walk to the protest area. A meeting will be held prior to marching at 9AM where protesters can meet to go over our event schedule, purchase or create signage, and meet new allies and friends. We expect a high level of press for this event. Press releases will be sent out prior to the march. Please be aware there may be a large crowd and take steps to protect your personal belongings and safety within the city. Group leaders are available now to help you with travel plans to attend this protest. Please reach out to us for help if you need it!

To obtain discounted rates for hotel rooms use CLICK HERE

To obtain discounted rates for flights to Boston for this event – COMING SOON

To obtain discounted rates for rental vehicles for this event – COMING SOON


Check out our Facebook Event Page for regular updates 

RASW 2018 End Family Court & CPS Corruption Protest

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